Outamba Kilimi 3 Hippos Sierra Leone

Home to monkeys, pygmy hippos and elephants, Outamba-Kilimi Park is also home to the Susu people, some of whom still live in it to be near their ancestors graves. It is named after its highest and longest feature: The Outamba mountain and the Kilimi river.

Located in the north-west of Sierra Leone, the park is divided into two separate wildlife reserves. Both sections border the Republic of Guinea. Outamba is to the north east of Kilimi. A broad piece of mainland containing a border road between Guinea and Sierra Leone separates the two. Outamba is the larger at 741sqkm, while Kilimi is 368sqkm.

Woodland in the southern part of the Park

The camps facilities such as accommodation are based on the edge of the Outamba section. There is considerably more human activity in the Kilimi section of the park, such as illegal logging and farming activity. Consequently there are fewer species. Elephants, for example are only found in the Outamba section of the park. Outamba lies in foothills, on granite and acid gneisses. It is a mix of tall grass savanna, closed savanna woodland and gallery forest. It is bordered by the Mango river on the south while the Kaba or Little Scarcies River flows through its center and down the lower eastern border. Kilimi is on the Rokel River series of sedimentary rocks and is flatter with open woodland, inland swamp and short grasslands. The Great Scarcies marks its western boundary. Both areas have been game reserves since 1977. The intention to make them National Parks was made in 1986.